Evening BBQ

~A fantastic selection of Handmade, select meats and fish, grilled to your liking.

Choose 4 options from below

Chefs Own Gourmet Sausages, Hand Made Beef Burgers, Made using The Finest Beef, Freshly Marinated Chicken, Hand Prepared BBQ Ribs, Salmon Fillets, Fresh Sea Food Kebabs, King Prawn and Fennel Skewers, Monk Fish with Cherry Tomatoes, Vegetable Kebabs,

~These Selections Served With~

A freshly Dressed Green Leaf Salad

Accompanied Also by a Delightful Home Made Coleslaw

Along With Freshly Grated Local Cheese

Floured Bread Rolls and a Selection of Sauces

Onto Disposable Crockery with Napkins

This Service Includes:
Skilled Hog Roast Dorset Staff To BBQ Your Meat At Your Venue.
Gazebos Which We BBQ And Serve Under (Should The Weather Or Yourselves Require It). A Serving Table Laid With Crisp Linen
Any Left-Over Meat To Be Served On A Platter, Or To Be Disposed Of. All Refuse To Be Discretely Removed And Disposed Of Off Site For Your Convenience.